I could really get used to this summer laziness mode, especially when you're on a vacation and your main worry is to find a good spot on the crowded beach and to decide which fish dish you should eat that day. But, unfortunately, life is more complicated than that and after some time you must go back to your daily routine, whether you like it or not. Obligations are waiting, fall exams are coming and some new life chapters are starting. Here are just a few bits from my vacation. Hope you're spending your summer days as best as you can. :)

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5 komentara

  1. Badić je *_________*
    I naravno ti si kao i uvijek lijepa.

    p.s. Novi sam u svijetu modnih blogova, pa ako želiš možeš li me posjetiti, ostaviti koji komentar, kritiku??

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  3. Prelijepo :)