Few weeks ago I got a package with some cool temporary tattoos from TattooForAWeek team to try on and write a few words about them. They have all kinds of temporary tattoos and you can even customize your own tattoo. Easy to apply and easier to take off, these are a perfect thing for you if you are a tattoo person but not so keen on the idea of getting a real one. Today, I decided for an arrow tattoo and this fingerstache one, which seemed so cute. I am definitely a tattoo person and one day I will get a real one for least one!

   SHIRT: Zara, SUNGLASSES: no name, CAP: Accessorize


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7 komentara

  1. Svidja mi se kombinacija, bar ovaj dio koji vidim. :D
    A i tattoo je super cool, i ja planiram jednu tetovazu, ali ne uskoro... :D

  2. Bas s slatka

  3. Morana I love this look. A classic flannel/aviators combination is so simple yet so put together. You work it well. =)