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I started my blog when I was 17, which means almost 5 years now. My life has changed drastically from then and I'm not the same person I was back then. According to that, some things that I liked before, I don't like anymore. My feelings towards my blog have changed, but not in a way that I wanted to end it. I started to dislike the whole look of it - its design, visual look, even the name. I just didn't find it attractive enough, but I wanted to continue blogging even more often. So I started to think about the idea of a general makeover. It wasn't something that happened over night and I wanted to do it right so I decided to be patient. After weeks of transformation, I proudly present you the result of it. Welcome to Style Tribune - my new-old blog. I am finally satisfied about the whole concept of it and I really do hope that you like it too. I got a new name and domain, but it will still be possible to visit me through my old address. Check out the whole layout and let me know what you think about it. Anyway, now that I shared the big news with you, I can switch to the outfit details. The main item I wanted to share with you is this beautiful wooden watch that I got from Wood Watches by JORD. I usually don't wear watches so often because I have tiny wrists, so most of the watches I try are too big for me. But that's not the case with this one, since the JORD team offers to size every piece for you. Perfect, right? Also, another interesting fact is that they are all made of wood. This is my first time to see and wear wooden timepiece and every time I'm wearing it, I get questions and positive impressions about it. I have chosen this beautiful Purpleheart & Mother of Pearl piece from their Cora series which you can check out here. They offer a worldwide free shipping and many more amazing wooden timpieces, so if you are someone who appreciates moments over minutes and thinks that a watch should tell more than just a time, take a look.

WATCH: Wood Watches by JORD // BAG: Mango // SHOES: Style Edit // SCARF: Ebay // SUNGLASSES: Primark // TROUSERS: Zara

(photo - Iris Vuksan)

JORD Wooden Watches

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