When I saw this striped top, I fell in love with it immediately. The feeling was stronger because it was also on sale, so it was as good as it gets. It's made of an easy and ribbed cotton material ideal for casual looks for cooler summer days and nights. In the last few months I fell in love with the '90s style comeback and all the trends that it brought back to life after we burried them more than a decade ago. Since fashion is not an exception when we say that history tends to repeat itself, this year marks a major throwback to '90s fashion, which seems to excite me more than I expected. Maybe because I am a '90s kid so it reminds me of some of the best and most carefree days of my life, however, it brings me feelings of joy and playfulness that are always more than welcome in my life. Nothing says '90s fashion like choker necklaces that we all loved and wore when we were kids and now they have overfilled streets and social media in all sorts and versions. Since I couldn't resist the, and became crazy about them, I purchased more than a few that I'm loving like crazy. One of them is this pretty velvet piece with delicate crystal pendant that I found on Etsy, where you can find a bunch of different styles of choker necklaces if you're a psycho like me when it comes to chokers. Anyway, here is my newest look that I captured near one of my favorite buildings in Zagreb. 

TOP: Mango // JEANS: Zara // SNEAKERS: Asos

(photo - Petra Mezdjić)

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2 komentara

  1. Odlična kombinacija, baš onako vuče na 90-te. Svaka čast na divnom blogu. Pozdrav iz sunčane Hrvatske.

    Novo na UNIQUEYEAH !

  2. Beautifyl look love the shirt :)